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Located in La Rochelle,  Maha Maitreya association is devoted to promote the tibetan buddhism teachings and its philosophy, according to the Mahayana tradition and its values, as well as the disciplines inherent to it; meditation teachings and practice according to tibetan buddhism.  Association is also devoted to promote the buddhist culture in its various aspects.



How does the association works?

Maitreya Maha is a non profit cultural association, under the law 1901.  According to Tibetan tradition, associations devoted to the tibetan buddhism and its philosophy, operate    knowledges and teachings.


The association works in accordance with the organizational precepts of Tibetan Buddhism, 

On his lifetime association  was placed under the spiritual guidance of our founder, His Eminence Hanzin Rinpoche, who gave as  name "Maitreya Maha - Cultural Association".

Association continue its acitivities as Rinpoche requested, and according to the advice and guidance that he left us before to leave. Its administrators are committed to implement its activities in compliance with moral ethics and spiritual beliefs of the deceased Hanzin Rinpoche.


Maha Maitreya means the great Maitreya. According to Tibetan Buddhism, the Buddha Maitreya is the Buddha of the future, the next Buddha to come predicted by Shakyamuni Buddha.


The resources of the association are memberships, financial participation to activities, donations from members and non members. Any donation is a precious support for the association, whatever its amount, and helps to face its management fees.


Maha Maitreya association is not related to other associations offering meditations teachings.


When association was founded ?


Maha Maitreya association was founded in January 2015 on the request of His Eminence Hanzin Rinpoche and under his guidance.




 Job schedule of  association administrators  may be changed, so some changes may happen in  association's program or organization of its activities. To stay informed, you can subscribe to the newsletter on this website, and subscribe to the association facebook page.