Membership fee

 Annual membership:  

  • Adherent member 20€
  • Membership in the second semester 10€
  • Benefactor member 60€
  • Students and minimum resources 15€


In the case of difficult situation, money should not be an obstacle to the study and practice. In this case, thank you to contact us. 


Practical informations


For the practice of  calm mind, please take a floor carpet (or blanket) to protect you from the cold  of the floor, and a floor cushion to sit on. This cushion should be firm enough to allow a straight and stable posture. It's advisable to wear flexible clothes which do not tight, it could be an obstacle to relaxation and concentration. You should also take socks, as shoes must be left.

Chairs are available for people who can not sit on the floor on cushion.


Room which is on 66 Michelet street, is near some dwellings, so please, to not disturb residents, do not park your vehicle on the sidewalks. Big parking is available for free in front of the Church, near the room.

Thank you very much for your understanding. 

Association values

According to the spiritual beliefs which are at the origin of the founding of this association, this one complies with the recommendations of His Holiness the Dalai Lama about  Dorje Shugden practice .