Every first Tuesday of the month 


  • 6:30pm to 7:30pm: Green Tara pratice.

          This practice is open to the people who took refuge in the three jewels, however,                       everyone can attend.

  • 7:30pm to 8:30pm: shiné, calm mind meditation open to everyone

If you come for the first time we invite you to contact us to anounce your coming.

Shine, calm mind meditation


Accessible to everyone.


The practice of calm mind is preceded by the practice of the nine breaths for those who wish it.


There is different steps ofcalm mind, according to Rinpoche instructions we practice the first one accessible to everyone. Other steps belong to superior practitioners.


Calm mind is the first practice of meditation.


Purpose of this practise is to develop a calm mind by its pacification, and to stabilize it  by developing mindfulness.


It leads to appeasement, and gradually leads the mind to its natural state of stability,  to opening, clarity, and discernment.


Due to the agitation and disturbing emotions, these qualities are veiled and we remain under the influence of emotional disturbances.


Calm mind meditation is a benefit for both physical and mental health.


By training the mind regularly, this practice brings gradually not only  clarity of mind and inner peace, but also improves the ability to concentrate, and reduces negative emotions, and emotional invasion  harmful for ourselves and for others (anger, hatred, arrogance, jealousy, fear etc).


By the decrease of negative emotions, the practice of calm mind allows positive qualities such loving-kindness and compassion to flourish in their place. 


Suffering and happiness are the result of our thoughts. The practice of calm mind is one way to decrease  suffering established by the mind and increase happiness, our own happiness and happiness of others.


It is a way of inner transformation to better live our relationships with others, and can help us to go ahead in our daily life with a clear consciousness and a calm mind.


Calm mind is essential for meditation, is the fundament of meditation and its preliminary. Mahayana Buddhist practitioners, motivated by the practice of the way of the three kinds of training: discipline, concentration, wisdom, incorporate it into their practices.

Without concentration, practice and study are impossible, enlightenment can not be reached.


Calm mind meditation is accessible to, Buddhists and non-Buddhists, the benefits of this practice is helpful to everyone.


It's not possible to everyone to sit in the lotus position, this is not an obstacle.

The nine breaths

Longro kutuk

Nine breaths practice is a Tibetan yogic technique to purify the three main channels which leads the subtle energy (tsa in Tibetan), in order to restore the flow and circulation of this energy (lung in Tibetan).


This practice eliminates  impurities of energetic body and negative emotions which are housed in the three main subtle channels. It helps energize the body and mind, and coordinate the physical body, the breath and the subtle energy channels.


The practice of nine breaths help to  the practice of meditation and is the preliminary of the concentration. This practice removes obstacles to deeply  connect us with ourselves before a meditative practice, and develops the qualities of the mind, attention and consciousness.


Over time, nine breaths practice also bring many benefits on physical and mental health and provides  calm mind.


Age is not an obstacle to participate to these two practices which do not require special physical abilities.